The Go PROcast Show

The Go PROcast - Episode 1 - Say It Before You Play It

"Say It Before You Play It" is FUN! A classic "If You Can Conceive It You Can Achieve It" Tale With A Fun Percussion Twist! Join Jeremy as he shares a particularly impactful story from his drumline days in South Florida and have a great time seeing how he transfers a literal tactic for learning how to play the drums to learning any new skill in life!

The Go PROcast Episode 2 With Guest Amber Hurdle

Jeremy and guest Amber Erickson-Hurdle, of Amber Hurdle Consultants, as they discuss "The Velvet Machete" Leadership Style! Amber is a Coach, Advisor, Professional Speaker, and a BOMBSHELL BUSINESS WOMAN, which happens to be the name of her book! 

Amber is so fun and easy to work with! She is a PRO! in every sense of the word, but an even better FRIEND! Follow here on here and check out her website

The Go PROcast Episode 3 With Guest Noah Taliferro

Taliferro is unlike any other. We met in Miami while Noah was performing on a new show that I am involved with, and I could tell, he is going places in this world!  

Noah is an Actor who has been in multiple rolls on TV show, Netflix shows, movies and will be in the new Disney movie Hollywood Stargirl, being released in 2022.  

Noah has written his own movie script and has done more in his young career than most have by in a life time, but he’s just getting started.  

I look forward to getting to know Noah more and watching his path to GLORY!  

I hope you enjoy listening to the conversation of how he decided to Go PRO and I thank you Noah for your friendship my brother!

The Go PROcast Episode 4 With Guest Sporty King

I hope you will enjoy watching me and sporty king dive into his career path and how he sees the world differently than most people!

Sporty has been a monitor to me as I have watched from afar because his ACTIONS SPEAK SO LOUDLY! He cares about people and is the ultimate Proactive Leader!

The Go PROcast Episode 5 With Guest Corey Dissin

For the CEO or an average Joe, The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content Corey Dissin has provided grass roots guidance and has mentored professionals around the world to 10x their personal brands and unique selling positions through social media as a one-on-one marketing and business coach.  

Entrepreneurs also rely on Corey’s motivational support to create a pragmatic and personalized approach to organize time, get you out of your own way, refine sales communications and optimize business infrastructures. 


As a long-serving head of two national corporations, owner of two others, and founder and president of a 501c3 non-profit, Corey puts his experience and acumen from all three to work for his clients on day one.  

Whether you need a co-pilot and counselor as your one-on-one marketing advisor, your brand identity and collateral revamped with The Dissin Design Team, or virtual administrative help through the Corey’s Business Bodyguard, Corey Dissin has the guts and the nuts to help you and your business to GO GET IT!

The Go PROcast Episode 6 With Guest Barbra Rozgonyi

Founder of Cory West Media, Barbra entered a contest to provide a LinkedIn tip. My answer was way too long, or so I thought. I won a trip to BlogWorld and the post positioned me as LinkedIn expert, which opened doors. What I thought was silly blog post about Disney characters - written as a mom blogger, led to two keynote speaking engagements including one on the stage at Walt Disney World. 

Starting my blog in 2006 and deleting the first entry then. It took lots of courage to keep going. Although it won top 50 awards in 2013 and 2014, I thought my run was over. in 2021, it ranked #11 in top PR blogs. 4, Sales stories - attempted to resign as the worst rep in the company. two years later I was leading the company, attending the sales trip in Hawaii and leaving to start a job as a national sales trainer for BCBS where programs I created increased sales by as much as 400%

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