One-To-One Leadership Coaching



My ideal client wants clarity, purpose, and constant growth. They may want growth in their career or personal relationships. In these areas and more, I can help people transition from Acceptable to Exceptional!

I am a sounding board for my clients – a confidant, a brainstorming partner, an accountability partner, who can blend an empathetic ear with a teachers’ heart. I have served in virtually every position in the Telco-Construction industry over my 30-year career, and have worked literally, from the ground – up through management and into the executive levels, and have even started many ownership ventures of my own.

We will develop an action plan with concrete steps, so you always know what to do next. I give you the support you need with telephone or recorded video sessions and am available on the fly with email/text messaging. I coach from an “act at the speed of instruction” perspective, meaning that you will be the one who has to execute when the ball is in your court. There will be accountability benchmarks and a ton of resources to help you hit your marks.

As I take you through my coaching system, we will discover ineffective habits. We will work on those patterns and replace them with repeatable, sustainable, disciplined actions that will turn from habit to second nature, and that will get you the results you want. You must lead from the front and by example if you want to lead others.

We will also examine your team to transform dysfunctional cultural habits. We create trust through transparency, eliminating friction by addressing it respectfully, and not letting issues fester. There is the trick for doing this that is effective and when trust goes up, morale goes up and profits go up.

Take Note * I only work with people who are willing to admit that life is hard, and it will never get easier. The things that I will ask of you will be hard, but hard is not the enemy of happiness, it is the foundation for happiness! There is no fulfillment in accomplishing easy tasks and goals.

I invite you to take the next step now. Contact me for a free one-to-one video conference to chat and see if we are a good fit for one another.


Coral Springs, Florida
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