Meet Jeremy

As many people do, Jeremy had his share of adversity. He crafted a negative view of himself, mostly from environmental influences such as growing up in the 70s with the presence of a ton of alcohol and drug abuse, having various mental illnesses in the family, and having 10 addresses before leaving high school at 17 years old without a diploma, and then deciding to move out on his own. The reality is that there was no such thing as ‘Ambition’ or ‘A Future’ as far as he was concerned.

Jeremy had no clue, however, that he would go on to help so many people and change so many lives for the better. This was only possible because, at the age of 20 years old, he experienced an event that would change the direction of his life forever… in an instant.

As a result of ONE SENTENCE on ONE PHONE CALL, Jeremy’s entire mindset 

changed for the positive and he EXPLODED in the workplace and TRANSFORMED from someone who just ‘had a job’ to someone who could EXECUTE with PURPOSE, allowing him to navigate his way through the management maze of one of this country’s largest cable companies!

Even with two young children to support, he then cast away that “Corporate Security Blanket” to start businesses of his own with many devastating lessons to learn along the way – the hard way.

Eventually, after many years of failure and lessons learned, he earned an Equity Owner position for a National Telecom-Construction Company working with some of the largest Telecommunication Companies in the World.

Since the release of his first book “Labor To Leadership“, where he explains how this all transpired, Jeremy has taken on yet another passion – To help as many people as possible in adapting a PRO Attitude, to change their PROspective, which will allow them to PROduce amazing results by defining and reaching their own business and personal goals!

Whether you want to be recognized by your company and get rewarded for your efforts, or learn how to land that dream job by interviewing like a PRO, or even learning what is involved with opening and running your own business, Jeremy and his network of PROs have you covered! It’s Time To Go PRO with Torisk Pro Advisors!


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